Jim Berger chosen for book on top adult educators

EALR Adult Education professor Dr. Jim Berger will be profiled in a forthcoming book on 25 “quintessential” adult educators. Dr. Berger was chosen by other adult educators for inclusion in North American Adult Educators: Phyllis M. Cunningham Archive of Quintessential Autobiographies for the Twenty-First Century. He will be one of 25 other educators featured in the volume, a second edition of an earlier volume of 50 such autobiographies published in 2007.

“Dr. Berger is internationally known for his teaching, research, and service in the field of adult education,” said EALR department chair Dr. Marguerita DeSander. “The editors and nominating committee who selected him for this honor recognize Jim’s great, career-long contribution to the discipline.”

The nomination process was constructed collaboratively by the North American Adult Educators second edition editors, Morehead State University’s office of Institutional Research and Analysis, and Discovery Association Publishing House; it was supported by the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education and distributed by the Commission of Professors of Adult Education Listserv. 

Dr. Berger has previously been recognized for his service to the Commission of Adult Basic Education (COABE) as member of the organization’s board and journal editor. He has also received the President’s Appreciation Award from the American Association of Adult and Continuing Education.

Last year WKU’s Master’s in Adult Education, which Dr. Berger coordinates, was recognized by the College Choice Awards as one of the nation’s best online, and most affordable adult educations programs in the United States.